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What Are The Problems With Installing Stainless Steel Ball Valves?

Oct 09, 2017

What are the problems with installing stainless steel ball valves?

We know that stainless steel ball valve is more suitable for water, solvents, acids and natural gas and other general working medium, but the quality of stainless steel ball valve is also suitable for working conditions of poor media, such as corrosive media, its use is very extensive, involving all walks of life , So there are a lot of attention to the installation of the place, especially in some of the more special circumstances, the following said stainless steel ball valve Note:

1, ready to be connected with the pipeline before the need to rinse and remove the remaining impurities in the clean pipe.

2, check the signs of stainless steel ball valve, check the ball valve intact. The valve fully open all closed several times confirmed that its work is normal. Remove the protective cover on both sides of the flange and rinse clean while the valve is fully open.

3, the installation should be the required signal before the stainless steel ball valve machine test (to prevent the impact of the use of vibration generated by transport performance), qualified before the on-line installation.

4, this type of valve should be installed in the horizontal or vertical direction of the pipeline.

5, the installation point near the pipeline can not be low or bear the phenomenon of external force, you can use pipe support or support to eliminate the deviation of the pipeline. Any end of the valve can be mounted on the upstream side. The valve that is driven by the handle can be mounted on any position on the pipe. But with a gear box or pneumatic drive ball valve should be installed upright, that is installed in the horizontal pipe, and the drive device is above the pipeline.

6, with the pipeline connection, please use the specified torque on the flange of the bolt to be symmetrical, successive, uniform tightening.

7, also in the installation period, please do not use the stainless steel ball valve actuator part of the lifting point as lifting, in order to avoid damage to the implementing agencies and accessories.