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Pneumatic Ball Valve Why The Application Of Such A Wide Range

Aug 01, 2017

  Pneumatic ball valve why the application of such a wide range

  Every kind of pneumatic valve has its value, as in the market conditions of operation, which is related to its use characteristics, because more people do not like to understand so much, as long as you know it can be used for their own It is enough, how to know whether it can be used for their own, is to see its realization value, the characteristics of pneumatic ball valve has seven points, as follows:

  1. The fluid resistance is small and the drag coefficient is equal to the pipe length of the same length.

  2. Close and reliable, the current ball valve sealing material widely used plastic, good sealing, in the vacuum system has also been widely used.

  3. Three-way pneumatic internal ball valve structure is simple, small size, light weight.

  4. When fully open or fully closed, the ball and the valve seat sealing surface and the media isolation, the media through, will not cause the valve sealing surface erosion.

  5. Three-way pneumatic internal ball valve easy to operate, open and close quickly, from full open to full clearance as long as the rotation 90 °, easy to remote control.

  6. Three-way pneumatic internal ball valve for a wide range of diameter from small to a few millimeters, large to a few meters, from high vacuum to high pressure can be applied.

  7. Easy maintenance, ball valve structure is simple, the seals are generally active, demolition and replacement are more convenient.

  From the three-way pneumatic internal thread ball valve to its maintenance to achieve so much value to ensure that its position in the industry!