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Pneumatic Ball Valve Is The Ball Valve With Pneumatic Actuator

Jun 21, 2017

  Pneumatic ball valve is the ball valve with pneumatic actuator. The execution speed of pneumatic actuator is relatively fast, the fastest switch speed is 0.05 seconds/times, so it is also called pneumatic quick cut-off ball valve. Pneumatic ball valve is usually equipped with a variety of accessories, such as solenoid valve, gas source processing triple pieces, limit switches, locators, control boxes, etc., in order to achieve in-situ control and remote centralized control, in the control room can be controlled valve switch, do not need to run to the scene or high altitude and dangerous to bring manual control, to a large extent, saving human resources and time and security. Pneumatic ball Valve Specific categories are: Stainless steel pneumatic ball valve, plastic pneumatic ball valve, sanitary pneumatic ball valve, carbon steel pneumatic ball valve, two-pass balloon valve, tee balloon valve, four-pass balloon valve

  Pneumatic ball valve Advantages: Pneumatic ball valve in the pipeline is mainly used to do cutting speed, distribution and change the direction of the flow of media. Pneumatic ball valve is widely used in recent years a new type of valve, it has the following advantages:

  1, the fluid resistance is small, the resistance coefficient of the device is equal to the same length of pipe.

  2, simple structure, small size, light weight.

  3, close and reliable, the current ball valve sealing surface materials widely used plastic, good sealing, in the vacuum system has been widely used.

  4, easy to operate, open and close quickly, from open to full off as long as the rotation of 90 °, easy to control long-distance.

  5, easy maintenance, pneumatic ball valve structure is simple, sealing ring is generally active, disassembly and replacement is more convenient.

  6, in full open or closed, the ball and seat of the sealing surface and media, the media through, will not cause the valve seal surface erosion.

  7, the scope of application is wide, the path from small to several millimeters, large to a few meters, from high vacuum to high pressure can be applied.

  8, because pneumatic ball valve power source uses is the gas, generally is 0.2-0 8MPa pressure, relatively safe. Pneumatic ball valve If air leakage, relative to liquid, electric, gas can be directly discharged, no pollution to the environment, but also has high security.

  9, compared to the manual and turbo-rotating ball valve, pneumatic ball valve can be large-caliber configuration, (manual and turbo-rotating ball valves are generally below the DN300 caliber, pneumatic ball valve can now reach DN1200 caliber. )

  Pneumatic ball valve has been widely used in petroleum, chemical, power generation, papermaking, Atomic Energy, aviation, rockets and other departments, as well as people's daily life.