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Knife Gate Valves Applied To The Industrial Pipeline Industry

Oct 12, 2017

Knife gate valve is a relatively common electric gate, can also be regarded as a very common switch. Its shape some like the ancient guillotine, so people habitually this switch valve called knife gate valve, there are a lot of people call it "knife-type valve." Can be the image of the knife gate valve shape. Now the knife gate valve is not only used in the circuit, but is more used in most applications to the industrial pipeline industry. Now the knife gate valve is no longer like the past in the circuit as a simple knife, but has a more complex structure and more advanced features. Here we introduce the working principle of knife gate valve.

Knife gate valve works of the introduction

Knife gate valve consists of three parts, namely the knife gate control hand wheel, the outer wall of the valve, the internal control device. We use the knife gate valve is mainly through the control of the knife gate valve above the easy operation of the hand wheel, so that the valve inside the control device for a series of physical movement, and finally the formation of the valve opening and closing, so that the knife gate valve can be normal work, Control the passage of the pipeline.

The internal structure of the knife gate valve is very complicated. We turn the hand wheel of the knife gate by hand to make it turn. This will make the knife gate drive the lever and the gear inside the knife gate. After the linkage movement, The internal blocking device changes rapidly, according to the direction of rotation of the knife gate valve to open and close. And this work can be completed in a very short period of time, can effectively save time and improve work efficiency.

Knife gate valve advantage

Why can the knife gate valve be used so widely? This is because the knife gate valve has a strong advantage. First of all, the knife gate valve lighter quality, the valve body inside the general space is larger, can effectively save raw materials, reduce production costs. Second, the knife gate valve can also be manipulated by the computer, fully automated, can improve the efficiency of the valve. In addition, the use of knife gate valve, in a very short period of time on the pipeline or switch, this can reduce the waste of resources, improve production efficiency and save resources. Knife gate valve also has the characteristics of wear resistance, so the knife gate valve are generally more durable, one can use for many years.

Knife gate valve features:

1. You can choose manual, pneumatic, electromagnetic or remote computer to control the valve, the skills of the valve can be remote control valves, remote control of the user to meet the needs of a variety of work environment.

2. The use of new carbon steel manufacturing body, compact design, saving materials, light weight, easy installation and maintenance

3. The base is not designed groove, will not deposit impurities, while the scientific design of wear-resistant seals, rubber ring vulcanization and the valve body to improve the valve seal to ensure that the valve without leakage. At the same time the new lift valve plate design can automatically clean the surface of the valve plate to clean up debris.

4. The unique design makes the valve small size, small footprint, the installation environment requirements are low.

Knife gate valve Uses:

Knife gate valve with its superior performance, in industrial production, food manufacturing, health care, sewage treatment and other industries widely used. Specifically used for:

1. Papermaking industry in the wood pulp, pulp and other mixture pipeline

2. Sewage, mud and other purification pipeline

3. ash, filter residue, coal washing and other industrial and mining industry pipeline.

Knife gate valve installation and use instructions

1. knife gate valve before installation to check the valve cavity and sealing surface and other parts, do not allow dirt or sand attached;

2. The connection parts of the bolt, requiring uniform tightening;

3. Check the filler parts require compression, both to ensure the sealing of the filler, but also to ensure that the gate open flexible;

4. Before installing the valve, the user must check the valve type, connection size and attention to the flow of the medium to ensure consistency with the valve requirements;

5. Users in the installation of valves, valves must be reserved for the necessary space;

6. The wiring of the drive unit shall be carried out according to the wiring diagram;

7. knife gate valve must be regularly maintained, not free collision and extrusion, so as not to affect the seal.