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Knife Gate Valve Installation And Use Of Instructions And Maintenance

Aug 11, 2017

  Knife gate valve installation and use of instructions and maintenance

  Knife gate valve installation and use instructions

  1. Check the valve door before installation to check the valve chamber and sealing surface and other parts, do not allow dirt or sand attached;

  2. The connection parts of the bolt, requiring uniform tightening;

  3. Check the filler parts require compression, both to ensure the sealing of the filler, but also to ensure that the gate open flexible;

  4. Before installing the valve, the user must proof the valve type, connection size and attention to the flow of the medium, to ensure consistency with the valve requirements;

  5. Users in the installation of valves, valves must be reserved for the necessary space;

  6. The wiring of the drive unit shall be carried out according to the wiring diagram;

  7. knife gate valve must be regularly maintained, not free to crash and squeeze, so as not to affect the seal.

  Maintenance of knife gate valve

  1, hand wheel, handle and transmission are not allowed to make lifting, and is strictly prohibited collision.

  2, double gate valve should be installed vertically (that is, the stem in the vertical position, hand wheel at the top).

  3, with a bypass valve valve should be opened before opening the bypass valve (to balance the import and export pressure and reduce the opening force).

  4, with the drive mechanism of the knife gate valve, according to the provisions of the product installation instructions.

  5, if the valve is often used to switch, at least once a month lubrication.