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High-end Domestic Road Valve Anomalies Meanders Key Parts Into Shorter Boards

Jan 20, 2017

My nearly 10 years of rapid development of construction machinery industry in 2010, total industry output value is expected to exceed 400 billion yuan. Butterfly valves profession according to plan, by 2015, the engineering machinery industry output value will exceed 900 billion yuan. Nevertheless, the further development of China's construction machinery industry has been subject to critical components. Last year, domestic production of high end valve anomaly on the road "bumpy". Now Foundation has been restricting the development of Chinese manufacturing to high-end short Board, 35 Government will continue its efforts to increase domestic production of high-end equipment parts. Now including hydraulic, transmission systems and other key parts of the vast majority of imports from abroad, which led to domestic manufacturers high production costs, lack of international competitiveness.