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Difference Between Elastic Soft Seal Gate Valve And Seal Gate Valve

Jan 20, 2017

Elastic soft seal gate valves and hard sealing valve difference: first, the structural mechanism: the seal is the seal between metal and metal sealing ball and seat are made of metal. Machining accuracy and process more difficult, usually used on high voltage, usually above 35MPa. Soft seal is the seal between the metal and Nonmetal, such as nylon \ tetrafluoroethylene, manufacturing standards are the same. On the second, sealing material: elastic soft seal gate valves and metal seal gate valve seat sealing materials, precision machining of hard seal valve seat material, guaranteed and valve core (sphere) precision, stainless steel and copper. Soft seal is mounted on the valve seat sealing material for non-metallic materials from soft sealing material a certain degree of flexibility, so the lower precision machining relatively hard seal. Third, the manufacturing process as many of the chemicals, machinery industry work environment is more complex, many of which are high pressure, frictional resistance of the medium, highly corrosive, technological advances now, better use of a variety of materials, processing, you can keep up, hard seal ball valves are widely promoted.