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Butterfly Valve Characteristics And Use Requirements

Jul 18, 2017

  Butterfly valve characteristics and use requirements

  Butterfly valve is the opening and closing parts (butterfly plate) around the fixed shaft rotation of the valve, mainly through the disc-shaped valve reciprocating turn to open, close or adjust the flow. It has the characteristics of small volume, light weight and small installation size. It is mainly used for conveying large temperature pipes with temperature less than 80 ℃ and less than 1MPa pressure water, air, gas and other medium.

  Before installation, check the drive limit bolt opening and closing conditions, the media flow is consistent with the logo, the installation, the butterfly plate to stop in the closed position, and try to install on the vertical pipe, if the need for horizontal installation, the valve shaft Should not use the vertical installation, the best horizontal installation, if not the level of installation, can be used to install the valve shaft tilt, but not allowed more than 45 degrees. Butterfly valve may occur in the fault and eliminate the method


  1, sealing surface leakage, butterfly butterfly plate, seal folder with debris.

  2, butterfly butterfly plate, sealed closed position is not correct.

  3, the export is equipped with flange bolts are forced or not pressed.

  4, the test pressure direction is not required.

  Eliminate the method 1, eliminate impurities, clean the valve cavity.

  2, adjust the worm or electric actuators and other actuators of the limit screw to reach the valve closed position is correct.

  3, check the installation of flange and bolt compression force should be uniform compression,

  4, according to the direction of the arrow spinning

  Fault: valve side of the leakage 1, both sides of the gasket failure, 2, pipe flange compression force uneven or not compressed.

  Eliminate the method: 1, replace the gasket. 2, press the flange bolts (uniform force).