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Butterfly Valve And Ball Valve Troubleshooting And Prevention

Jul 18, 2017

  Butterfly valve and ball valve troubleshooting and prevention

  1, for throttling, damage to the sealing surface: not allowed for throttling.

  2, the sealing surface is crushed: Butterfly valve tighten the valve seat bolts should be uniform, the force to be small, would rather tight several times, not too tight a tight too tight, damaged seal surface can be polished repair.

  3, the sealing surface without preload pressure: Butterfly valve Seat sealing surface should be regularly checked preload pressure and found that the sealing surface leakage or contact too loose should be a little pressure on the valve seat sealing surface; preload spring failure should be replaced.

  4, the wrench, stem and the ball at the junction of the gap between the three, the wrench has been closed, and the ball rotation angle of less than 90 ° and leakage: the limit of the wrench, stem and the ball three loose and clearance When the big should be repaired, tightening to prison; adjust the limit block, remove the wrench advance angle, so that the ball properly open and close.

  5, the valve seat and the body contact surface is not clean, wear, 0-ring damage to the valve seat leakage: to improve the valve seat and body contact surface finish, reduce the number of seat disassembly, O-ring regularly replaced.

  6, rubber seals aging, wear: rubber sealing surface regular replacement.

  7, sealing surface pressure ring loose, broken: loose ring should be re-tightened, broken and serious corrosion should be replaced.

  8, the media flow is not right: should be installed by the media flow arrow butterfly valve.

  9, stem and butterfly plate connection loose valve off the door: dismantle butterfly valve, repair stem and butterfly board connection.

  10, transmission and stem damage, so that the sealing surface is not strict: to repair, serious damage should be replaced.

  11, the ball turned: the assembly should be correct, Butterfly valve the operation should be smooth, not allowed to use as a throttle; after the ball should be repaired in time to replace the seal seat.