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Gate Valve Is Used In The Pipeline Is A Wide Range Of Valves

Jun 08, 2017

  Gate valve is used in the pipeline is a wide range of valves, mainly play the role of turning on and cut off the media. It is not suitable for regulating the flow of the medium, but can judge the size of the flow according to the level of the stem lift (such as the elastic seat of the fire with the opening and closing scale). Gate valve compared to other valves, the pressure, temperature, caliber and other requirements to a wider range of applications.

  Gate valve according to the different internal structure can be divided into: wedge single gate type, flexible gate type, double gate plate, parallel gate type.

  According to the different stem stent can be divided into: gate valve and dark bar gate valve.

  The main performance advantages of the valve:

  1. Valve fluid resistance is small, because the gate valve body is through type, the media flow does not change direction, so compared to other valve flow resistance is small;

  2. Sealing performance is better than the cut-off valve, opening and closing than the cut-off valve effort;

  3. Wide range of applications, in addition to steam, oil and other media, but also for the granular solid and viscosity of the larger media, but also for venting valve and low vacuum valve to use;

  4. The gate valve is a double flow valve that is not limited by the flow of the medium and is therefore suitable for piping that may change the flow direction of the medium and is also easy to install.