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Valve patent abuse long activist is hard

Jan 20, 2017

Parallel flow evaporator water Chamber structure, flat tube and fin heat exchangers with the structure ... ... Zhejiang huaerda automobile air conditioning Co Chief Executive Officer Chen Jianming in the working document, there is a long list of patents. In this list, a list of more than more than 70 patents, including 2 butterfly valve, 9 patents of invention utility model patents, these are enterprise applications in the first half of this year, saw the highest number over the same period. Municipal science and Technology Bureau of statistics data showed first half of patent applications in our city a total of 3,771, rose 170.7%, application number in Wenzhou County (municipal and district) first invention applications, 227 rose 37.5%; patent licensing amounted to 2,058, rose 94.7%, in which invention grant 52, flat with a year earlier.