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Integrated development of electro-mechanical valves usher in new opportunities and transition

Jan 20, 2017

"Valve industry entered a period of innovation, product category not only need upgrading, and the internal management of enterprises also need reform according to industry standards. Valve industry's development is more stable for a long time, but remain unregulated competition in the industry, as some operators through the waste valve refurbished, repainted after the second sale, pose serious security risks for project quality, serious disruption of the valve market. "Gold mode grid Chief Luo Baihui, an analyst said, the valve will move in two directions in the future development of the industry, from single to multiple varieties and specifications development, the second is to develop toward the direction of energy-saving. To meet the complete needs of manufacturing projects, an enterprise shall have valves needed to make projects, which determines the valve manufacturers all offering a growing trend.