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Ceramic valve applications and add new members

Jan 20, 2017

New material of ceramic materials as leading 21st century, has been more and more scientists are focused on, for industrial valves it is a bold and positive innovation. New ceramic valve has four advantages: one is the selection of highly-skilled new ceramic layout data to make the sealing parts and fragile parts, wear resistance, corrosion resistance and sealing of valve products, greatly extend the life of the valve. Second, ceramic valve repair replace valves use can significantly decrease number of equipment operating system security, stability, and reduce the labor intensity of workers, saving equipment repair costs. Thirdly, ceramic valve using the sealing of industrial piping systems, with Max to eliminate leaks, and promotion of environmental protection will play an active effect. Four is the production of ceramic materials of a wide range, cost, low price, aluminum, carbon, silicon and other elements can make a superior function of ceramic materials, can save you a lot of information and rare metal mineral resources.