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Absence of valve industry's high-end market

Jan 20, 2017

Our valves are mainly electric butterfly valve, pneumatic butterfly valve, ball valve, ball valves, electric control valve, pneumatic control valves, electric valves, pneumatic valve structure. In addition to low voltage the more common control valve manufacturing and precision meet international market requirements, high pressure and high precision requirements, strict accuracy adjustment performance is still mainly rely on imports. Electric butterfly valve gate is one of the most important in the industrial fluid control equipment, involving many sectors of the national economy, is an important infrastructure development of the national economy. After decades of development, valve has formed more than 10 categories of products, especially in terms of both volume and production and sales enterprises ranked in the world, but most are small, low-level valve enterprises, our products have been dominated by low-end. At present, the 20% of the valve market share occupied by foreign companies in China, mainly in the field of high technology valves.